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MarksALottm colored Marking Pens

Clean Sweep Supply Janitorial and Office supplies
Colored Marking Pens for the BrassMaster case striper


Shooting Links

Supplies, parts & information

UniqueTek Excellent Micrometer Powder Bar Kit for Dillon powder measures, weapon lubes and cleaners. Limcat Custom IPSC gunsmithing Brooks Tactical non-slip grip systems for handguns Speed Shooters International IPSC gun parts and accessories

Starline Brass Choice of Champions and a lot of us ordinary guys too. Bevin Grams base pads, magwells, scope mounts and magazine tuning Brian Enos Practical Shooting Book, grease and forums Cool IPSC articles, links, photos, videos, and the Online Stagebuilder Palm pilot based scoring system.


Shooting Clubs Oakdale Sportsman Club Sacramento Area Action Pistol Solano TargetMasters Club The Tuesday Action Shooting Club (which shoots on Saturdays)


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