I am no longer making or selling Brass Master Double Stripers.

I am no longer making or selling HoserCam systems. I will continue service and repairs until October 2008.

12-1-06 3 New videos What color was that No Shoot, Peek-a-Boo No Shoots, and Left or Right? and on the video page.

The HoserCam makes a great training tool. Record your practice sessions and watch your reloads in slow motion (if your camcorder or VCR has slow motion replay.) See your target transitions. Did the gun come back down on the same target before moving to the next? Did you pull off of the target before you fired the shot? Now you can tell. In agonizing slow motion!

Use it to troubleshoot gun malfunctions, compare the recoil motion of different gunpowders, bullet weights, compensators, grip techniques.

But best of all use it to make shooting videos that will really impress your friends! Watch their reactions when they get to see Action Shooting from your viewpoint!

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