Camera Specifications

Imager: CMOS
Sensor Format: 1/3"
Array Size: NTSC - 510 x 492
Resolution: 310 TV lines
Scanning: 2:1 Interlaced
Auto Shutter: 1/60 to 1/15,000 sec.
Operating Temperature: -10c to +50c (+14f to +131F)
Humidity: 0- 95%
Angle of view: 120 degrees (wide angle model)

Video/Audio Transmission Specifications

Transmitter power source: (2) 9-volt batteries
Battery Run Time: 4 hours continuos
Channels: 4
  Channel 1: 2.411 GHz
  Channel 2: 2.434 GHz
  Channel 3: 2.453 GHz
  Channel 4: 2.473 GHz
Channel Bandwidth: 13.5 MHz
Transmitter RF Output: 50,000 uVm @ 3m
Modulation: FM
Transmitter Range: 100 feet
Receiver Sensitivity: -90 dB
Video Output Level: 1-volt p-p (typical)
Audio Output Level 1 volt p-p (typical)
Receiver Power:12 volt rechargeable sealed lead acid battery
Battery Run Time: 6 hours continuos

Headset Specifications

Weight: 15 ounces with batteries

Camcorder Requirements

Camcorder must have record capability in VTR/VCR mode with
either RCA type input jacks (Typically red/white/yellow) or 3.5mm A/V input jack.

Legal Issues

HoserCam makes no legal representations concerning the use of our products in certain applications such as the covert or public making, transmission or recording of any video and/or audio signals of any individual or individuals without their knowledge and/or consent. We encourage everyone to check and comply with all applicable state, federal and local laws and regulations before engaging in any and all forms of surveillance or any transmission of radio/audio frequencies.


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