James Elwin Smyth

Feb. 9, 1908 - August 6th, 2004


Rest in Peace


James E. Smyth

  Feb. 9, 1908 - Aug. 6, 2004

James E. Smyth of Dallas died peacefully in his sleep Aug. 6 at his home in Dallas, Oregon. He was 96.

  He was born in New York City, Wyo., and grew up in Custer, S.D. He worked as a forest ranger, manning a fire lookout station on Harney Peak, where he watched the beginning of the Mount Rushmore Monument.

  He left South Dakota after high school and attended college in Chicago, Ill. After attending college, he attended Coyne Electrical School in Chicago. He arrived in Tribune, Kan., in 1933 seeking work. He worked as a farmer and electrician.

  In 1934, he married Violet B. Winters.

  In 1936, he started working as a Missouri Pacific Railroad Telegrapher and Station Agent. They lived in Tribune until 1981 when he retired from the railroad and they moved to Dallas.

  They enjoyed square dancing and belonged to several square dance clubs, both in Kansas and Oregon. They were members of the Dallas Crazy Creek Rockers and the Independence Wagon Wheelers.

  He enjoyed many hobbies including making wire puzzles and wood carving. He also enjoyed continuing his square dancing.


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