Tired of losing all your brass?

Do you lose too much brass even when you color the headstamp?

Add brightly colored stripes to the sides of your cases with the BrassMaster Double or the BrassMaster Single case striper.

With these stripes on the sides of your cases they will be easier to spot laying in the grass, gravel and amid other cases. You WILL get more of your brass back when the other shooters can easily identify YOUR brass.


A single turn of the brass in a BrassMaster case striper will put 1 or 2 colored stripes on your brass.

Uses commonly available MarksALottm colored marking pens. Normal brass cleaning methods (tumbling) removes the stripes. Does not affect firearm feeding, firing, or extraction.

Performs a final inspection during striping. A wobbling line indicates a high primer or case head burr. Split cases catch on the marking pen alerting you to a defective round.

Single stripers are DISCONTINUED
Double stripers are DISCONTINUED

Who do you think will get the most brass back?
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The best online source for MarksALottm colored marking pens I've found is www.cleansweepsupply.com


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