Howdy! My name is Nolan Smyth USPSA member A11898 since 1988. I am a Master class shooter in both Limited and Open divisions. I live in the California Bay Area and shoot regularly (at least one USPSA match per weekend) at clubs from Sacramento to San Jose.

The HoserCam at the 2003 Race Gun Nationals in Bend, Oregon.


The HoserCam at the 2004 USPSA Nationals in Barry, IL.

Meimei and I at the 2004 USPSA Nationals in Barry, IL.


Sorry Meimei, the Peoples Republik of Kalifornia says we can't take it home!


These are our open road blasters. They're a matched set of Dodge Dakota R/T's. Mine is "Kenmore" and Meimei's is "Maytag", since they're refrigerator white. Both have 5.9 liter engines, 4 speed auto trans, 3.92 positrac rear gears, 17 inch wheels, ABS, every heavy-duty and power option available. They are great trucks, they just get lousy gas mileage: 8mpg at 115mph! (Measured in Montana...No Speed Limit!) My motto has always been: "Remember, go as fast as possible and take all unnecessary chances!" Of course my life is actually more like: "I'm right on schedule....LATE!"

 So if you see a white blur it was probably me and I'm probably late!



In my misspent youth I was into Harleys. This was back in the days if you wanted a chopper you had to do it yourself and Harley-Davidson didn't want to know you existed. Now any yuppie can walk into a shop, plunk down a 5lb box of 20 dollar bills and ride out on a brand new chopper in his brand new fringed leather jacket. I sold all of my bikes except my old '73 shovelhead (retired by a drunk driver at 120,000 miles) and hung up my old Bates horsehide jacket in disgust. Well truthfully, it was either shoot or ride, I couldn't afford them both and I had been riding for 25 years. 7 of those years without a car. The "Grateful Dead - Steal your Face" derby cover in the photo below was acid etched and inlaid by my brother James.

Get me to the church on time, 'cause it isn't my wedding.


What "No Trespassing" sign?

Hammer's '52 Panhead

July 4th, 1986

Happy Birthday to Me!

Smile when you say that Pardner!

Dad likes the .38 Super!

2002 Race Gun Nationals Bend, OR.



Best of the Best Match Photos by Ray Solomon

The Magic Bullet


Will the HoserCam witness a hapless No-Shoot get pasted? Nope, missed it by 'that' much!

I almost look respectable, almost.

Xiaoxi, my Wife Meimei and yours truly.

Meimei has succeeded in civilizing me, almost.

I've been working in the semiconductor capital equipment industry since the late 70's doing everything from prototype assembly to board repair to field service. I've worked on systems smaller than your microwave oven to systems the size of a Greyhound bus! The photo below is a MegaTest MegaOne 100MHz VLSI IC tester mainframe awaiting the installation of the two 256 pin testheads. Currently I work for an Automated IC Test Equipment manufacturer, Nextest Systems Corporation in San Jose, Ca. It would be next to impossible finding a better company or people to work for and with.

I developed the HoserCam to give a unique view for my IPSC shooting videos and to free me from needing someone to run the video camera while I was shooting a stage. It all started when a friend gave me 3 non-functional wireless security cameras. A little tinkering and I got 2 of them to work. The first prototype was built on an old set of 'electronic' muffs because they already had batteries and switches. Which turned out to be more work than starting from scratch. But it worked and when I showed the video to friends their reaction was "WOW!" At matches the other shooters wanted their own "Hoser Camera" So here we are!


Shooter Ready? Stand By..........Roll Tape




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